Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pesto Pizza the Third

As fall gradually creeps in, it looks like the basil season is, sadly, winding down. My plants appear a little scraggly, less prolific. *sniff* But all sadness about the end of summer aside, now is prime time to mix up more pesto and make the most out of every last leaf. So if you're ready for pesto batch #2, here's a fresh and tasty combination of toppings to try out.

TOPPINGS (layered in this order):
  1. The very best pizza crust ever, par-baked.
  2. Generous spread of homemade pesto
  3. Grated mozzarella
  4. Chopped leeks
  5. Slivers of bacon, par-cooked just enough to be not-raw, but not enough to be crispy (optional)
  6. Halved cherry tomatoes and/or sliced tomatoes
  7. Sliced bell peppers
Bake at 450 degrees F for 7 minutes and top with just a teensy sprinkle of extra Parmesan.

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